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Traditionally, Mutual Funds were considered as avenues for long-term investments.

They were also more product-centric and commission based. However, Money & more believes in a client centric and service based offering. We have replaced the revenue based sales model with a focused, unbiased, and transparent financial advisory-based model. Our endeavor is put to action through the Portfolio Wrap Account by iFAST. It is an ideal platform for providing scientific portfolio management services to our clients.

  • Through the iFAST Platform, our investors get access to a gamut of mutual fund schemes and multiple fund house details in a single location.
  • All schemes performances, fund manager information, comparisons and transaction modules are a click away.
  • With such a range of mutual funds at our disposal, we can tailor the best mix of mutual funds to meet the unique investment objectives of our clients.
  • Our clients experience unfettered access to a wide range of mutual funds, which lends further credence to our unbiased services.

What is a Wrap Account?

Money & more introduces the Wrap Account from iFAST. It is a joint offering in association with Deutsche Asset Management, India.

This first of its kind product is a non-discretionary portfolio management services account, which lets investors choose investment options according to their needs. At the same time, it allows you to "WRAP" all your mutual fund transactions and holdings into one account, giving you substantial advantages.

  • The clients fill in forms only once and sign only one cheque at the time of opening the account.
  • Through the account, clients have access to all the best schemes of multiple AMCs.
  • Purchase of any of these schemes can be completed online, without the need to process additional payments.
  • Seamless Switching between all funds
  • Experience full control over investment decisions

This account is also bundled with the other advantages of being on the iFAST platform (consolidation, online transactions, regular and in-depth reporting), making this a compelling proposition for wealth creation goals.

Need for Portfolios

Different individuals have different sets of assets, liabilities and risk appetites. In addition, varying market conditions require investors to continuously monitor their investments and move their money into more aggressive or more conservative avenues.

Hence, Money & more offers seven different portfolios that suit different investment styles. These portfolios have a pre-determined objective and a corresponding composition.

In order to know more about risk profiling and to evaluate your risk profile, click here.

Types of Portfolios

Very Aggressive
For investors willing to take higher investment risks and achieve higher returns over a horizon of 5 years or more.

For investors who are not risk takers, but have an understanding of the Equity Markets, and are looking for higher returns.

Diversified Equity
For investors who look for a Growth Oriented Portfolio but invest cautiously.

Conservatively Aggressive
For investors in transition between two extreme portfolios.

Truly Balanced
For investors who prefer a classical blend of risk and safety.

Moderately Conservative
For investors with a longer time horizon and a lower than average risk tolerance.

For investors who wish to maintain the real value of the portfolio at all times (or to protect the value of the portfolio against inflation).

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