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An Online Retail Account is advantageous for both investors and advisors. While an investor enjoys the benefit of zero paperwork, any time investment facility, and real-time reports, an advisor can reach out to more clients.

An Online Retail Account allows the user to plan and invest his money online. A username and a password is all you require to get real-time reports and perform trading transactions. The various benefits of having an Online Retail Account are

  • All mutual fund investments wrapped in one account
  • One-time form filling, one cheque
  • Access to the top schemes and AMCs
  • Online buying and selling
  • Seamless switching between funds

Fewer Errors

The hassles of paperwork, errors in writing, overwriting and rewriting are done away with. Just fill up a form and submit it online. You do not have to worry about taking printouts and sending couriers. A comprehensive portal helps you not only track your old investments, but also plan and execute new ones.

No Time and Place Constraints

Your Online Retail Account is available for you to invest 24x7. You can access your finances anytime and trade anywhere.

No Delays

The internet gives you the luxury of easy and fast services. With an Online Retail Account, your communications speed up and transactions take place within no time! Since all the information, bank accounts and investment accounts are interwoven, it is easier to manage your money.

Real-Time Consolidated Reports

Reports of all your investments and their status are available real-time, allowing you to track the same and stay abreast with the various macro developments that can affect your investments.

No Dependency

An Online Retail Account helps you get rid of any kind of dependencies. It gives you complete control of your investments. Moreover, you do not have to wait for your couriers to be picked up or delivered. A click of the mouse saves your time and money and keeps you updated.

Safe Online Trading

Online investment accounts offer state-of-the-art security and money transfer platforms. Your personal and financial data remain highly encrypted and secure. Unlike the paper and pen method, online trading is real-time, with multiple levels of security checks that keep you informed about your account and investment status through multiple modes like e-mail and SMS alerts, the AMC, as well as your bank.

Documents for Non wrap a/c

  • PAN card
  • Address proof
  • Last 6 months of active bank stmt.
  • KYC status acknowledgement - click here to check KYC status
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