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Nifty Plus Investment Plans India

Stock Markets are meant to move up and down. The only problem is that it also takes our Investments on a Rollercoaster ride. If not monitored well, this could have a telling effect on the performance of our Investments.

BUY ON DIPS & SELL ON RISES..... that's the Mantra that all agree and understand. The Problem, however, is that no one knows how to implement it.

MONEY & more....introduces NIFTY Plus, a New and Unique Product, designed to do exactly that.

How does it Work?

NIFTY Plus, is a structured Direct Equity Investment, where Investment decisions are based on the P/E Ratios of the Stock Market.

What is P/E Ratio ???

TheP/E ratio(Price-to-Earnings ratio) of astock(also called its "P/E", or simply "multiple") is a measure of the price paid for asharerelative to the annualnet incomeorprofitearned by the firm per share.

In short, P/E Ratio indicates to us, how affordable the Markets currently are.

In NIFTY Plus, the Investments are concentrated only on 2 ETF's - NIFTY BEES & LIQUID BEES.

MONEY & more have structured an Assessment grid that predetermines the % of allocation in the two ETF's. Hence, when the Markets are more Expensive, we keep your Money safer be investing more in Liquid Bees and if the Markets fall and get less expensive, we Purchase more of Nifty Bees, increasing your exposure in the Stock Markets.

BUY ON DIPS & SELL ON RISES.....That is exactly what the operation is all about. And this is done dispassionately-purely because there are no emotions attached. We work specifically on the Grid that has been created by our Dedicated Research Team.

Who Should be Buying it?

This Investment Product is for an investor who is looking at Single Investments with a time horizon of not less than 2 yrs. An Individual who is ready to take Low to Medium risk can also invest in NIFTY Plus

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