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When it comes to money, everybody wants to stay "a bit more organized," "invest just at the right time" and "always receive expert advice." However, these are easier said than done.

Your money is lying across several accounts, your investments are interlinks among multiple entities, and expert advice stems from active monitoring of the market happenings and deciphering the micro and macro factors influencing it.

Making matters murkier are agents. Most investors share stories about their missing investment advisors. When one invests through an insurance of mutual fund agent or even a bank relationship manager, there is an element of dependency. Most often, it is difficult to trace the individual. Ascertaining the valuations of the investments and the performance of the funds is almost impossible. Moreover, it is difficult to monitor your investments and make modifications as per your changing risk profiles.

The need of the hour is a customer-centric platform for money management and decision making...

Presenting MY MONEY

Money Management Platform by My Money

  • For those who identify the need to manage and consolidate financial information better and to stay in control of their finances - there is good news!
  • For those transacting with multiple banks, mutual fund houses, insurance companies, brokerage firms and investment agents - there is great news!!
  • And for those investors who seek opinions for making new investments and service for their existing investments- there is amazing news!!!

But that's not all. because MY MONEY is much more.

So what exactly is MY MONEY?

Money Controlling Platform by My Money

MY MONEY brings various services and products under a single avenue. It is a seamless data consolidation and a transaction platform - operated and managed by service-driven professionals.

  • MY MONEY is a smart new way to manage all your money! A highly sophisticated and user-friendly solution that helps you consolidate, monitor, transact, and realize returns across all types of savings, investments, and liabilities accounts.
  • MY MONEY synchronizes all your money - across Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Mutual Funds, Equities, Small Savings, FDs, various Loans, and even Insurance policies, all into a single screen.
  • The system can even fetch transaction details from your Bank statements, Loan accounts and Credit Card accounts to give you a complete picture - anytime - every time.

Ok. So how is it different from any other money-controlling platforms?

Well, we are just getting started.

MY MONEY allows you to consolidate information, transact with various entities like banks, mutual fund AMCs, stock exchanges, etc, and give you expert opinions regarding future investments and your existing portfolios (through our expert helpline). We even service you for investment products not purchased through MY MONEY!

Several unique features make MY MONEY different from any other platform. This platform allows you to

  • Buy/ Sell/ Transact Mutual Funds online with a FREE Mutual Fund Transaction Platform
  • Pay ZERO annual administration charges for stock trading accounts
  • Check the real-time performance of your ULIPs & Insurance Plans
  • Analyze your Home Loans
  • Track your stocks in real-time
  • Manage all your FDs and other small savings
  • Avail of a FREE stock trading account
  • Maintain a summary of your Net Worth

More Convenience Features

  • Courier assistance for any of your Investment Transactions
  • Assistance for any Investment Decisions
  • Assistance in Uploading and Updating of all your Investments into the system
  • Prompt Reminders for all Investment deadlines

Bank Accounts

MY MONEY allows you to track your all savings and current accounts. We can automatically fetch data from these accounts and keep you up to date. Please note that your login details and passwords are stored only in your own machine. We NEVER store your password in our servers.

Mutual Funds

Platform for Mutual Funds Transactions by My Money MY MONEY is a single platform for buying/ selling and transacting in Mutual Funds. It supports all types of funds, across most fund houses (AMCs).

Since all your bank accounts are managed through the same platform, you can simply get online and start transacting!

Get real-time reports, charts, updates, and performance metrics for your portfolio.


  • FREE setting up of SIPs
  • Zero recurring charges
  • Zero Brokerage charges
  • No Entry Loads/ Commissions

ULIP & Insurance Plans

Track and monitor your insurance investments online - through the MY MONEY dashboard. Take timely decisions to shift your money in and out of funds as per the market outlook.

Enjoy enhanced flexibility for tracking your premiums. Receive timely reminders for the same.

Home Loans

Analyze your home loans and track their repayment schedules online. Link your various liabilities accounts with MY MONEY and get an instant picture of your net worth. Stay updated with the interest rates you pay, work proactively to make the most of other opportunities.

FDs and Small Savings

Consolidate and monitor all your small investments across banks and government institutions like post offices, saving schemes, bonds, etc. Get up-to-date information about your savings and take timely decisions to move your money to better performing assets - of course, all this through MY MONEY.

Avail of a FREE Stock Trading Account

Why pay for a trading account when you have a MY MONEY account. Yes, MY MONEY doubles up as your stock trading account. Say goodbye to maintenance charges and fixed yearly fees. Just pay a competitive brokerage, based on your actual transactions.

Enjoy the convenience of moving your money between your various accounts and investments - all through a single dashboard.

Other Convenience Features

Assisting you on any Investment Decision

Our in-house financial experts can assist you for any kind of investment decision/ query you might have. If its information that you are looking for - we are just a phone call away. Of course, it is FREE.

Assistance in Uploading and Updating your Investments

If you have your financial data spread across heaps of documents, we can assist you to upload all of this information into the online system. This is a one-time activity as the subsequent updates and modifications will happen automatically!

Courier assistance for any of your Investment Transactions

Never spend another penny for couriers sent to mutual fund AMC, your insurance company, or even your bank. MY MONEY offers you courier assistance for any of your investment transactions.

Prompt Reminders for all Investment deadlines

You no longer need to set up individual reminders for paying various investment premiums or installments. MY MONEY offers you timely reminders for all this and more. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and unnecessary late fees.

Maintain a Summary of your Net Worth

Once you have all the information about your investments and liability accounts on MY MONEY, you are ready to track your Net Worth summary at the click of a button. Get a consolidated view of your finances, easily analyze, and reassess your investment strategy. Stay in control.

After all, it is all about your money!

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