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If you are looking for an insurance policy, that offers you coverage, without paying endless premiums, Limited Pay Life Insurance is the ideal one.You pay the premium for a pre-determined period and enjoythe cover for an extended period, sometimes even the rest of your life.

What is a Limited Payment Life Insurance?

Unlike traditional life insurance plans that stop offering a cover for the years you do not pay a premium, a limited payment life insurance expects you to pay limited number of premiums and enjoy a cover beyond the stipulated period of payments (premiums).

Why Limited Payment life Insurance?

One of the unique benefits offered by this plan is the limited number of premiums. The policyholder has to pay premiums only up to 5, 10 or 15 years (can vary as per plan). This way your liability cease with time, while your money can grow and you can reap advantages post retirement.

Benefits of Limited Payment Life insurance are

  • A policy with a regular premium payment for a limited period
  • Earn a regular bonus for premium payments without default
  • Some insurance company permit you to surrender the policy after three years, for which they offer a specific value
  • Loans against policy are allowed once the policy acquires cash value
  • All types of riders are usually allowed to be attached to the policy

How does it work?

The Limited Pay Life insurance offers coverage for a stipulated period to an individual while the payment of premiums is only for limited time.

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