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Life Insurance is a means to safeguard ones financial dependents. Generally, the primary breadwinner in a family is insured against death or disability so that the dependentscontinue to receive adequate financial support.

While insurance companies do introduce various types of Life Insurance plans and policies from time to time, the basic ones are

Term A Term Insurance policy is the simplest and most economical life insurance plan. It offers an assured death benefit for a small yearly premium.
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Children's Plan An insurance plan that covers the parent's life for a sum, equivalent to that required to meet specific financial needs of your child.
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Retirement Plan A policy specially designed to help one save and invest money during the working/ professional life, to ensure a financially secured post-retirement.
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Pension Plan It is a type of retirement plan, wherein an employee contributes to a fund instituted by the organization or the companyfor his or her benefit.
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Whole Life Plan Traditional insurance plans offer life cover only up to a certain age,but a Whole Life Plan is an insurance policy that offers a lifelong coverage.
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Money Back Plan Insurance plan that offers coverage for a stipulated period during which, the policyholder periodically gets a sum of tax-free money from the insurance company.
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Endowment Plan This life insurance policy is designed to pay back a lump sum after a specified term or on death. These are for those who seek some form of return on their insurance premiums.
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Limited Pay-Term An insurance policy that expects premiums only for a fixed tenure, after which no additional premiums are paid to keep the policy in force.
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Highest NAV Plan This is an insuranceplan that offers life cover as well as a maximum return on investment. These policies generally invest in market-related instruments.
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