Why should one Invest In land?

Land has traditionally been one the safest form of investments. However, it has now advanced from being just a long-term or static investment to a strategically picked asset class, required to balance your investment portfolio.

Raw Land

The most basic and simple form of land is raw land. It has the following characteristics

  • It is a clear title land - even if it is agricultural
  • Raw land is usually family/paternal property passed on through generations or gifted by earlier rulers. It can be government land, which is available for private activities.
  • Raw land is devoid of any sort of activities- e.g. mountains!
  • There is no physical demarcation on the ground, however, complete information might be available with the local administration
  • This type of land is a dead asset. This means that the owners of the land are not interested in the appreciation of its value, but maintain it as a passive holding.

As a developer, one would be interested in buying this land as it is available cheaply and can be converted into a developed land.

Developed Land

Raw Land is generally converted into Developed Land for commencing development by breaking it down into symmetric sections. A developed land possesses the following features

  • There is a proper demarcation.
  • There has to be approach roads for each plot.
  • You may or may not have a water connection.
  • Retail buyers, who are usually non-investors, are more interested in buying developed land for personal consumption rather than for selling.
  • Developed land eventually could be sold as bunglow plots or farm house plots.
  • Farmhouse plots would generally be agriculture in nature. However to facilitate non- agriculturalist to purchase farm house plots, the land could be converted into a co-operative society (clickable link to existing co-operative society page).

The rates of developed land plots might vary with additional facilities such as location, connectivity to commutation links, and ease of approach.

Dighi - A Sea-View Property at an Unbeatable Price

Botharwadi - A Prime Property near HINJEWADI IT Hub

TAV - Tourist Development Land Near Lavasa

Kusgoan - Profitable Land Near Mahbaleshwar


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