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Several established developers are purchasing large amount of land for development as residential and commercial property. One buys commercial properties to support expansion plans or investments that can fetch hefty rents. IT parks, shopping malls and business centers are amongst the major commercial projects in prominent cities. With the price of land constantly appreciating, buying a commercial premise has several benefits. Investing in a commercial property is a good investment for a business as it saves the hassle of relocation and escalating leave and license rentals due to policy changes.

Source of Assured Income

There is always a demand for commercial premises either for sale or for rent, so they yield an assured income. Buying a commercial property can be a good investment for a stable business, as well. You do not have to face the constant hassle of relocation. While selling a commercial premise, it might take you a while to find the right buyer. However, with the price of land constantly rising, the longer you wait the higher your profit would be!

One Time Investment

Although owning a commercial premise might add to the maintenance, security, fixture, and furniture costs, it is a one-time investment since you get rid of regular payments and relocation costs.

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