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Apartments are the most preferred form of accommodation for middle and lower middle class families. However, buying an apartment needs timely and planned investments. Investing your savings in booking an apartment, mostly in an under-construction site is preferred by most to let the asset appreciate with time. However, before buying or investing in an apartment, one must consider certain guidelines

Do Your Research

Research the area where you want to buy an apartment and find out about the well-known advisors and developers. Also, make enquiries about recent real estate sales and future projects in the area.

Developmental Projects in that Area

The future projects coming up in an area influence the existing ones. They could boost or bring down the price. For instance, a shopping complex, a reputed school or a metro rail project might provide a shot in the arm for the residential property rates in that area.

Sale and Purchase Agreement

The sale and purchase agreement should be properly evaluated and all the clauses read and understood before signing a contract. It is advisable to employ your own solicitor who ensures that the deal suits your interests.

Facilities in and Around

Elevators, parking, gymnasiums, swimming pools, children's parks, and other recreational facilities should be examined. Shops, commutation, communication, water, electricity, and other facilities should be checked along with the ambience.

Security and Maintenance

The system of security and maintenance should be properly understood and verified.