Types of Insurance available at Money & More
To insure means to provide a cover against any accidental loss of a financially valuable, life or non-life, asset like a car,
Mutual Funds at Money & More
As the name suggests, a Mutual Fund is a "mutual" meaning shared, "fund" implies corpus. It is a facility whereby an investment company (AMC - Asset Management Company) accepts investor's funds for investing into a pre-determined investment avenue.
Real Estate at Money & More
Traditionally, real estate is any immovable property. It can be defied as an asset consisting of land and natural resources such as soil, gravel, minerals etc. From the business or investments perspective, real estate can be categorized into
Equity Investments at Money & More
Equity investment refers to investing in stocks of companies that are traded on a stock exchange. By investing in stocks,
Small Savings
Small savings schemes are designed to provide safe and attractive investment options to the public. These schemes are primarily meant for small urban

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